Why Use Our Staffing Agency For Industrial Bakeries


More and more people in the work force dream of becoming the next Rockefeller or the most fierce wolf on Wall Street. This is why many of them choose to pursue a career in finance and banking. Marketing and management are two other popular specializations. Very few young people wish to learn a trade and do it well, so all these industries fight to find good employees or trainees to form as future professionals.

Industrial bakeries make no exception, as almost nobody wants to work in a factory anymore. Everybody dreams of becoming a digital nomad, an online marketing guru or who knows what other specialist that can work from wherever in the world he wishes.

As most of these young dreamers fail in achieving their goals, sooner or later they come to the conclusion that a trade can put bread and butter on their table, at least until they figure out something new to help them become financially independent.

Our staffing agency, like many other players in this industry, aims to discover and recruit the most motivated of these young people, and train them in professions that are in high demand on the market. We train bakers among other categories of staff, so that you can find them when you need them most.

Our agency models itself on The Wellington Agency in Palm Beach. As a West Palm Beach Domestic Staffing Agency with offices in New York and other major cities, they set the standard for staffing agencies around the world.

By using our staffing agency specifically for baking staff and management, you can rest assured you are going to get the best workers, people who are serious and who love their job, people who care about each piece of bread dough or pastry, people who are willing to trade their skills and their time for a good salary or high paying management position. These people are trained to use the most modern industrial bakery equipment and the most actual techniques. Nonetheless, you should probably make sure they understand how to operate your machines, so that they avoid any injuries or mistakes.

Using a staffing agency can bring you some financial benefits, as well. You can make savings in the HR department, as you won’t need to organize a new recruiting process each time you need more workers. We can supply you with batches of resumes of people that are already in our database. In addition, our recruiting process is always ongoing, so we always have fresh candidates to assess. When we find candidates with good potential, we train them and we keep them handy, so that we can suggest them to our clients who need extra staff.

We know how work processes in industrial bakeries go, so we know what type of workers we need to train, in order to satisfy your requests quickly and effectively. We cover all departments of your bakery, so you are welcome to get in touch with our consultants and let us know what specialties you are looking for. You can have your workers on site within a few days. We can even provide you personnel for your IT, marketing or finance departments, as we cover these areas, as well. We have built an impressive database of potential candidates for various jobs in many industrial sectors.

Another advantage of using our staffing agency is that you can decide what kind of employment you wish to offer to the people we are going to send you. If you want full time workers, we are going to find you the best people who wish to work 8 hours a day. Do you need them to work shifts? We are going to filter our database, so that we select only those candidates who have expressed their preference for this work schedule. Do you need part timers? Consider it done! Do you want us to pay the people and invoice you the total amount every month? We are more than happy to comply.

Flexibility is one of our most important values, so you are going to feel comfortable when hiring people from us. We take staffing very seriously, so you can rest assured all people in our database are checked and double checked. They are all honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable, seeking for employment and for a steady salary to enable them raise their children in a happy home, full of joy and laughter. They do need your pay, but they are willing to work hard to earn it. This is our offer to all industrial bakeries out there, so help yourself to our best candidates today!